Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My Petrol Kiosk

There is this petrol kiosk that is just infront of my block or HDB flat. Now, this petrol kiosk is always packed with cars, trucks and motorcycles during peak hours as drivers will come by to pump petrols before driving back home. Whenever i peek out of my windows, i could catch a glimpse of all the cars, trucks and motorcycles driving into the petrol kiosk pumping petrol. The cars range from BMW, Mercedes, Sports Car and many different brands of trucks as well. My friend is driving a truck and i thought it was quite cool to have a truck as its really down to earth and practical too. Her truck needs to pump in petrol for twice a week and altogether it costs around 30 plus over dollars to pump to the truck's full tank here in Singapore. I began surfing the site for truck accessories and i found one at where it offers online consumers lots of auto truck accessories, be it interior or exterior. The ones exterior are truck bed liner and many other on sale on this website. Hop on down and pay them a visit today!

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