Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Books which my friend owns

As you all know, that during this incamp reservist period where i will be in for 3 week plus, i will have some time on my own where i can catch up on my hobby - reading. I love reading and catching up with books which i have borrowed from the library or from some friends. I have a friend whom has gone to states and i have approached her to borrow 4 books. The 4 books are entitled : The Brothers Karamazov, A Man in Full, The Great Novels of Thomas Hardy and lastly The Stonewycke Legacy. Of all the books which i have borrowed from her, she said that The Brothers Karamazov is a well sought after book and many have read this book which was by Mr Fyodor Dostoyevsky. A timely and classic novel about 4 brothers whom have murdered their father in this story. Since then, i have started to lay my hands on this book and i found it quite captivating turning those pages but some parts could be boring and deep as well. But is okay, i need some books by me to keep those time going on.

You have to see this to believe it that my friend has some good collection of books in her book shelves. Different authors could be found here and i just wonder how she get rid of her books when she decided to add in more to her collection. While surfing this site at Ashop Commerce which specialises in shopping cart softwares can help any aspiring individuals whom wants to be their own bosses someday. I think i will introduce this site to my friend so that she can set up a online 2nd hand book store and sell away those books in her book shelves and with those money she then can purchase more new books again. Now isn't that a good idea?

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