Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A story of an avid gambler

My dad was a avid gambler and he used to gamble all his salary whenever he receives his paycheck at the end of the month. So how does my mum makes sure that he brings money back to the house before even entering the gambling dens is that she will wait for him by his workplace and makes sure that she sees him and gets her allowances before he heads off to his favorite hobby - gambling!

Throughout the younger days, my dad will just go to any gambling dens and if he comes back home with a smile on his face, that will usually mean that he was won some money off the gambling dens but if he comes back home with a sour face, we all will know that he has lost his money and we will make sure that we are out of his way. And hence, since his favorite hobby is gambling, he does not have any savings at all at the end of the day! Whenever he has lost all his money, he will go and borrow from anyone that he knows and will tell them that he will repay them at the end of the month. But when the end of the month comes, he will usually forgets all his debts and goes on gambling like nothing of any debt has crossed his path.

Now that he is old, he now concentrates on his work and seldom gambles now, i guess maybe its the age catching up or that he has finally realised that gambling has caused his whole youth wasted which he could have spent time doing something useful when he was in his younger days. However, during our festival periods, he will usually round up some of his friends and have a round of simple card games to celebrate the festival periods which i think its okay for killing leisure times and catching up with old friends.

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