Thursday, March 8, 2007

Want a Wolf for a PET

The third in the acclaimed Earth's Children Series - The Mammoth Hunters by Jean M. Auel. Ayla has now been adopted in the Mammoth Hunters camp with her healing and survival skills, she was an asset to the camp. Thru' the many lessons that Ayla has learned, she has to put in alot of effort in learning the ways of Others she has been seeking, things like their customs and language.

Here she has found some good women friends which reminded her the painful memories of the Clan she left behind. Ayla again saves the wolf's young and adopted the young, starts to teach the wolf of how to go about living together with humans although it was difficult at first, but Ayla, Jondalar and Wolf finally were able to communicate and trust one another. Wolf brought along alot of fun and laughter for both Ayla and Jondalar and even comes to the rescue when they were in trouble.

Ranec, the master carver of ivory tusks to whom Ayla is irresistibly drawn sets Jondalar on fire with jealousy. Ayla misunderstands Jondalar, that he doesn't love her anymore. Hence Ayla began to look for Ranec for comfort and Ranec has always been able to make Ayla laugh. However, towards the end, Jondalar was able to win back his Ayla and therefore agains sets on a journey back to where he came from.

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