Sunday, February 25, 2007

A Prison Diary - Volume Three - Heaven

The last volume of "A Prison Diary" by Archer spells a heart warming enduring time where he spends in North Sea Camp, the walls are replaced by roll-calls, a whole new regime to become accustomed to for Archer. With the help of Doug, the NSC orderly, landed Archer the job of SMU orderly which stands for Sentence Management Unit, a job much sought after by all, second best position to NSC orderly inside the prison. His responsibilities will be making tea and coffee, preparing files for new inductees (prisoners) and prisoners' forms for visit, days out, weekend leave, work out and compassionate or sick leave. This job is not much of a chore for Archer as he still finds time to complete his writings of his diary.

Next, Archer replaced Doug as the NSC or Hospital orderly. Here Archer is most glad to have this posting as he gets to enjoy a room by himself at the Hospital grounds, a TV and lots of other privileges. NSC is a open prison, by no means can you escape but only abscond with no walls, just a car barrier at the entrance and a public footpath at the back. Later stage reveals that NSC in its home office directive has changed its status into a resettlement prison, meaning that prisoners like Archer and the rest can take a job outside the prison working for fifty-five hours a week. The reporters will definitely get a good story of Archer working outside to feed to their curious readers out there.

Archer began his resettlement programme working for the Theatre Royal Lincoln and pretty much enjoyed his first day working outside wearing a Shirt for a change. And finally on the 21JUL2003, Archer regained his freedom and gave a short press statement.

I really admire Jeffrey Archer's strong will and character, even though in chains, he still tries his very best and presented a whole new of experience to his readers. Truly a masterpiece of a how a Prison in Briton works...

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