Sunday, February 25, 2007

A Prison Diary - Volume Two - WAYLAND : PURGATORY

In this Volume Two of Archer's Prison Journals, hes being transferred to Category C prison in Norfolk (C-cats, the vast majority are repeat offenders or convicted of a serious, non-violent crime). Two interesting things which i would like to focus on in my review of his Volume Two Book:-

a) Status of a Prisoner, Archer begins his life in this prison as standard. There are 3 levels of status practised in this prison, being basic, standard and enhanced, and in some other prisons, super-enhanced. Each status allows you a certain kind of treatment/privileges. Now depending on your behaviour inside, you will then be reviewed and either you go up or down. Archer got three months to prove and approved for enhancement status. When he first came into this prison, he brought along his dressing gown, two large blue towels and a blue tracksuit which was confiscated and only till he gets his enhancement then those items returned to him. Archer uses the sentence [as if it were a few grains of sand passing through an hourglass] to describe a three months stint as if to be a few grains of sand but instead his sentiments were that was a huge amount of time spent to qualify him to that status.

b) Archer is abit of a romantic person and still is, during his imprisonment, he got hooked onto a guy named Sergio whom is from Bogota, Columbia. He was sharing with Archer on his latest emerald hunt which was closely guarded. Turns out that Archer was planning to give this gem as a present to his wife as a Christmas present, whom has been every bit encouraging him to move on every single day. Archer is a careful person and also indulges himself in a discussion with how this stone/gem will be valued by his valuer. Through his conversation with Sergio, i've come upon this word "mountebank" can anyone guess what this word means???

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