Tuesday, February 27, 2007

"Our nomination for the year's great escape." - Playboy

"Then the LORD God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man and he brought her to the man". - NIV Bible....

When i started reading this novel [the Clan of the Cave Bear] by Jean M.Auel. I was both fascinated and ever ready to turn that next page of her novels. She is indeed a writer whom just as what Playboy has describe, the year's best escape. I may be abit or alot cheeky here, but this book here is not just mainly because of the S word...but packs in more than that. It reveals the destiny of Ayla, the others, a outcast by the people of the clan of the cave bear. Found by the Clan people, she now has to gain their the clan's trust as she is so much different from the clan people. As she finally grows up, her clan mother entrusted the status of the medicine woman to her as she has been trained from the time she was brought back to stay with them. From a young age, she has to learn to differentiate the different kind of medicines and which one to prescribe to her patients. Her clan mother even doubts that she is able to memorize all the medicinal effects of all the different drugs as the clan people have memories that will not fail them in times of need. As her clan mother's health deteriorates, she is bestowed upon as the clan's next medicine woman, a status that is pretty high in the womans ranking in the clan, if not second to the leaders wife.

The book reveals the intimacy of Ayla and the leaders first born son whom despises Ayla and takes advantage of sexual abuse towards her as all men in the clan can choose any woman that they fancy upon to release their needs. Ayla got pregnant because of this and later has a boy whom has inherited the looks of both the clan people and the others. At the end of the day, because of some bad incidents that happened and Ayla was forced to leave the clan people and her only son to live by herself. Lucky for her, she has learned all the survival skills in order to live her life alone...

My emotions were on the high when i read that Ayla was to leave the clan community and live by herself. She was devastated by this decision by the leader of the clan community but yet, she cannot deny the Mog-ur, magician and holy man of all the clans. Was it her destiny or fate to lead her life to this point in life? But her fate seems to be leading her towards a new direction in life which will be her new future. What is the morale of this story, you may ask? This is just a novel, but from it, i can derive a few truths from here. You don't say quit that easily, take our Ayla for example, she insist that her newborn baby will be able to survive through his difficult early weeks after he is born... Ayla continues to practise the art of a hunter even though she is not allowed to do that for its not in the woman's status to do that and only the males are allowed to go hunting to bring back food on the table...Ayla still continues to live her life even though she has been raped by the leaders son umpteen times for he deems it as a punishment for her...Through all this, she is now the woman, whom will be the future of all humanity..

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