Sunday, September 23, 2007 for your personalized gifts!

My birthday is just around the corner and i was actually looking for a gift for myself this day. This time round, i had made some money in the internet and was thinking of some special presents that i could shower myself in and reward myself for working that extra hard in my blogging. And i mean blogging like daily without stop ever since i started this addiction in FEBURARY of this year. It was a exciting time, when i finally reached the end of three months of daily blogging and i was finally allowed to start earning some money while doing what i liked - blogging.

While scouring through the internet, i was fascinated in this site called, this site provides personalized gifts to anyone wishing to let your memories live forever and near to you as well. I am talking about your personal beddings, blankes, pillows and etc. Their modern day production technology allows them to print those digital photos which you would like to onto those beddings, blankets or pillows. Picture so rich and perfect, you would think that its a giant photo printed onto your beddings.

I fell in love with those bedspreads and i'm gonna supply them my own motorbike digital photos. That way, i could sleep and dream in them too! Hurry try them today!

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Justin Poile said...

Some years ago… maybe 6 years even… I booked a company by the name or “Smorty” to help me with my website ( search engine rankings. They did this by hiring bloggers like you, to write articles about my site.

All went well for some time… till Google decided this practice was bad, and my site got hit with a bad links penalty.

I would be most grateful if you could either remove the link from your site to
mine which appears here ( ) or at the very least, make it a rel=”nofollow” link which will let Google know it’s a sponsored link.

Either way, if you could let me know the outcome that would be super.

Thanks in advance
Justin Poile