Monday, September 10, 2007

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Presently, i am living in a HDB flat and being a diversified country that i lived in and the government is promoting social harmony among the many races that lived together on this island. As such, during these few years, we see alot of influx of nearby nationals applying for a PR status in my country. People from Malaysia, China, Myanmar, Cambodia, Philippines, India and many more other countries has flown into my country for work purpose and applying for a PR status here. As long as they satisfy the various requirements, they will become eligible to apply.

Normally, i will see these foreign nationals crowding or queuing over a IDD public phone in the void deck of my HDB flat, anxious to call back and find out how the family and love ones are doing back at home. By calling home, i guess will help those whom have flown here to put their heart and mind at ease knowing that a call has bee put through, heard their children, spouse, siblings and parents voice over the phone. I can understand those feelings especially if you have been away for quite some time and beginning to miss home, a call will help to satisfy those worrying hearts and put it at ease again knowing that one is taken care of and safe and sound. I have learnt of a great site which have this service of prepaid calling cards and loads of offer and discount for my readers whom signs up with them today. Pingo has been around for quite some time and many consumers have come to trust their service and offers. Right now, my readers will get free 5 hours international phone calls when you sign up with Pingo. A Special phone card blog discount coupon: “ppp3” valid for $3 off Pingo and receive $25 phone card for just $17 when you signup with Pingo as well today. Isn't that a offer that you can't miss!

While surfing this site, i found out that Pingo also offer India Calling Card as well. Now i can recommend this site to all my Indian national friends whom always calls back to India to check on their home status. With reliability and cost savings as their priority for customers like you and always looking for the best rates in town to serve you better and passing on those savings to you, aren't you tempted to join them? Don't hesitate, join Pingo today!

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