Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Charter Flights to Koh Samui!

My boss has again engaged the services of the flight carrier Silkair to fly some 5 flights to Koh Samui, Thailand. Its called the garden of eden, and many European and American travelers love to come flying into this part of the region to soak up some sun and return with a good suntan.

There are many sports that you can take up in Koh Samui. Sports like Kart Racing, jungle trekking and more can be arranged with your resorts and for us, we are arranging some big time travels that our customers can enjoy when they book with us on this charter flight to Koh Samui. We've included some sightseeing to its native waterfalls, temples and shopping at its main town also. But i guess the highlight of the day for our this organised trip will have to be the long tail boat trip along their river. Now during this boat trip, our customers will have the chance to witness fireflies dancing in the air and i guess for children, it can be a very educational trip, as its seldom can be seen in the part of the country where i stay in.

With such a big trip organised for a number of 116 customers per flight, i will advise my passengers to get some Travel Insurance to insure themselves against incidental claims and especially with children around, parents should consider to get their families insured. The good people of Endsleigh.com can provide you with Travel Insurance according to your needs. Pay their site a visit and i think you'll bound to find one suitable for your family and you.

Contact them today for a quotation!

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