Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Read up Travel guides or Search the Web?

Are you into reading Travel guides or surfing the world wide web for solutions to your travel needs? I've read a few Travel guides and i guess they all have their advantages and disadvantages. Nowadays, these Travel guides comes with maps to ease the traveller of any wrong directions within the city or country while they navigate on their own. Travel guides also come in handy and slim bounded covers, easily can slip into any briefcase or to carry it around with you. However, it tends to have limited information on that city or country which you are visiting or information on the hotels which you are going to stay or visit some places of interest which is popular in that destination you are visiting.

I found a cool website - Vacation Resort International , here it serves up to a cool 50% to travellers booking with them to destination listed in their website. With its ultra cool compelling and virtual images, you'll be pleased to learn more of the destination you are about to travel to and with the images, you'll be more confident to book with them, knowing that this will be what you are getting into. More in-depth information on destination to help you decide whether or not to visit that place of interest or stay at that particular resort.

Come on down and try it yourself today.

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