Friday, May 25, 2007

My course subject in Criminal Justice!

My Bachelor in Law was a nice program for me to engage myself in a few topics or subject that was pretty difficult to comprehend at first but i was picking myself along the way and learning from my lecturers and fellow students. Of one of those subjects which i like most has to be Criminal Justice.

Through Criminal Justice, i learnt alot of things pertaining to some of the best cases ever fought in the criminal justice court of laws. How they were prosecuted and defended by the different parties represented by their lawyers and the chief prosecutor.

I was surfing the net and saw that CAPELLA UNIVERSITY is also offering this criminal justice degree program on a online basis. The only accredited university to offer such a online program, meaning that it is a certified program recognised throughout the law profession and through Capella's School of Human Services, you'll be able to obtain this degree.

Request for a free guide or give them a call now.

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