Thursday, January 17, 2008

Will you please ROAR louder!

I have been roared at by Shelly . I'm supposed to be giving three writing tips but it seems that the very moment i try to concentrate to write, my hands just wouldn't barge. But since, its my best blogging buddy whom has tagged me in this game, i will still try to play along.

Writing Tips:
Tip 1 : Many years ago, i used to learn this other language - Japanese. At first, i was eager and glad that i picked up this language and i managed to go through the first level though...but here comes the problem, once one do not practise at all, that language will be forgotten and its just the case for me, i forgot on how to speak but still can remember some parts of the language only. Hence, practise, practise, practise....

Tip 2 : Along the way while learning the above new language, there were language obstacles that one will have to clear in order to advance further. Obstacles of shyness can hinder as if you don't speak out, you'll never learn to speak properly. Hence, there are obstacles that we need to clear if we were to sit down and write, obstacles like time, space, commitments can hinder us and prevent us from writing. Put your priorities right and you'll be on the right track again...

Tip 3 : When we are over-confident in ourselves and think that everything that we write or say is always correct or right. We should not be boastful but at times should admit the mistakes that we made along the way like if someone were to give you constructive critism, i think we should be humble and accept it.

Well, here is my 3 writing tips. But as i do not have alot of blogging friends, i will leave it to my readers to decide whether they would like to pick up this challenge.

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1 comment:

hifidel said...

great advice, VA! And you are right — language learning and writing can have a whole lot in common.