Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My first challenge

I was both pleased at how i could try my skill in writing a very short story working from what my dear newly aquainted blogging friend - pinhole . This renewing of an old challenge is quite fun and i'm glad to be part of it. Hence, this is how i will start from the challenge in bold:

She couldn’t place the accent; it was thick, yet, undefined. Suddenly, from just hearing those voices again brings her back to their usual place where they will just sit and chat about whatever that comes into their minds. Naruto was a brilliant young fellow and has come to know Yuki through some odd circumstances. Naruto’s car couldn’t brake properly in time and somehow it hit someone crossing the street in the busy part of Shinjuku, Tokyo, where youngsters will hang around trying to find their identities with their so-called peers. Yuki was shopping happily after she got her first paycheck and was preparing to cross the zebra crossing when Naruto’s car came speeding towards her direction. By the time, Yuki was awake, she was injured so badly that she needs to sit on the wheel chair for some time to recover. Naruto had felt rather cross with himself and at the same time couldn’t forgive himself as well. He seems to be trapped in those feelings but it was Yuki that brought him out of those terrible thoughts that seems to embrace him whenever he thinks back about the incident that happened back then.

Naruto was a wonderful science student, graduated from a well-known university in Japan, but one fateful day everything seems to have worked wrongly for him. He was in a middle of an experiment when there was a sudden earthquake, it shattered everything that was inside the lab and Naruto was trapped inside the science lab. He was rescued thereafter but it changed his life every since that incident, he was able to read another human being’s mind. It all seemed pretty strange to him but he liked it in that he was able to read and act according to what the other human’s likes or dislikes. All the while, when Naruto was enjoying his new found powers, a dark sinister shadow lurks nearby watching, yearning to have this young fellow to be under his tutorage. Nowadays, Naruto has been having this nightmare that seems to haunt him forever. At times, he will wake up sweating profusely as if the dream was so real. This night, was no different from other nights, the same dream happened again, he was sweating again and was awaken from his dream. “Are you alright, N’to San?” asked poor Yuki whom was laying beside him on the bed. Yuki was really worried sick from the many nightmare episodes that Naruto was having lately, but whenever Yuki asks on details of his dream, he would change the subject or stare blankly into the ceiling. “I’m fine, Yuki”, answered Naruto, as he was able to sense the frightened Yuki and from reading her thoughts sounding out to him. “Its my work, I’ll be alright after my busy deadline is over”. But Yuki could feel that Naruto is undergoing some change in his sleeping patterns. While they were dating in their early days, he would sleep pretty early, but now he seems to be sleeping less than 8 hours than a normal human being needs. He would go to sleep at the strike of midnight and his nightmares will pursue him till he wakes up drenched in his sweat. Amazingly, he doesn’t look the least tired the next day and continues his life like nothing has happened the other night. One morning, Yuki was waking up from her bed and was heading straight to the toilet when she saw something that made her want to puke. Naruto was fishing the goldfish from the fish tank and eating them raw. Yuki rushed to the toilet and vomited into the white basin, suddenly she could feel her goose-bumps raising and Naruto was beside her by the basin. Somehow, Naruto with incredible speed was able to come to her side without her knowing it. Yuki screamed and fainted there on the spot. Yuki could feel herself being carried over to the bed and gently laid her onto the soft bed, her mind was quickly filling up with those happy days together with Naruto, how they will sit by one another and staring into those deep blue sky. All so sudden, she could feel someone calling out her name. “Yuki……Yuki…….”. She opened her eyes and images of Naruto hungrily eating up those poor goldfish makes her nausea again, she knows that she has to get out of this room but her legs and body just didn’t seem to obey her at this time and somehow that thick and yet undefined accent came ringing through the air towards its recipient – HER!!!

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Pinhole said...

Fascinating tale, v.

Thanks for playing!

hifidel said...

Congratulations on your first writing challenge, Valkrie Angel! Good to have you aboard and playing along!

silken said...

good story valkrie angel. I like how you used the story starter again at the end!

Family Fun & Faith said...

Nice job VA, I like the way you dealt with the starter sentence. Thanks for posting!

Gary said...

What a wild ride, somewhere between a rollercoaster and a merry-go-round... I'm going to need some time to recover from this entry... :) LOL!