Saturday, November 17, 2007

All About Prayer - G for God's Will (Part 114)

He who prays must commit himself and his wants to the transforming power of God. He must seek what is genuinely the greatest good and not merely the specific things which will satisfy his present wants.

By Henry M. Wieman

Who doesn't want to satisfy his or her needs or wants? We are all human beings, we are not angels or perfect beings, we are born of flesh and blood, we want to satisfy our cravings for our needs and wants. I long to have the best this world can offer, look at the TV commercials, aren't they kept on advertising that the "The Sky is the limit"? Everyone is chasing their own dreams, the best of this world can offer. Are they wrong in doing so? I want the best that is for me and only for me, i want the best Handphone there is available, the best Car that is available, the best Housing that is available, the best girlfriend that is available, the best friends that is available and so many and the list goes on.....

Oh well, mankind can have no end in satisfying their desires, needs and wants. That was how i behaved in my old self, now with this new self, i try to live within my means, trying everyday to selflessly deny this self but trying to live a life worthy of the Lord's calling. God help me this pitiful soul to carry his cross daily and look to thee for strength and power.

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