Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Tristan Betrayal - Robert Ludlum

It was another sad story to begin with, a spy named Stephen Metcalfe. He was caught in the business of this agent's job of enlisting his beloved girlfriend whom was born and lived in Russia. In between, he was caught by the Russian NKVD and was tortured in the cell of the infamous Lubyanka prison where escape was impossible, where the skills that had gotten him out of so many difficult situations could no longer help him. In order that the set of documents which he has instructed his lover to pass on to the German high officers, she has to sacrifice herself to prove that those documents are no fraud and that everything that is contained in the military documents are of authentic nature.

Little did he know that after many years, he was recalled back to mother Russia but this time, he had another challenge, to urge and convince the Dirizhor, an official who controls the levers of power in absolute secrecy to resist. If the Dirizhor supports the bloody coup, this will bring the entire world to a brink of nuclear war. Out of the unexpected, the Dirizhor, the young man was his son whom his lover Lana has risen in the dark without his knowledge. Now history will be changed again all thanks to our SPY.

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