Friday, September 28, 2007

Want a cash advance?

This is a story of how my dad struggled with his finances when he was owning three big lorries as a investment portfolio. My dad wasn't a really wise person when dealing with his finances and especially very poor in cash managements. He now owns three lorries and employs two others to help him to drive those lorries. Now two of his workers did not really had the commitments to work for him and either is late or once in a while landed in a lorry accident. Once, if there are any lorry accidents, money will be needed to repair those lorries and he will turn to us for a cash advance and promises to pay us back once he receives his money for the trips that the lorries had make.

In between, his two staff will turn to him for advance payday loans and he will have to think of ways and means to lend it to them first before their payday. Hence, my dad is always short of money or cash to play around especially in these kind of unexpected circumstances. Many other kind of circumstances like fines, carparking and many more are still not counted towards his mis-management or his funds. Today, i was surfing the net and found this site called Cash Advance and Payday Loans. There are different online lenders available for anyone wishing to approach for a cash advance or a advanced payday loan, this i will have to inform my dad about!

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