Saturday, September 1, 2007

Read about Harlem?

Have you read about Harlem? Well, Harlem is down right in the big apple "New York" where its called the capital of Blacks! Thats right, you will see many blacks live there and such a community is only and can be seen here in Harlem. At first thought, i didn't think that Harlem could provide a opportunity for tours and travels but i am wrong about it.

Harlem tours can be found here and you will be surprised to find things that are worth a traveler's sight. First and foremost, it will be lead by a true Harlemites who grow and stay here, who knows the in and outs of this beautiful black space. He or she will bring you on a cultural and yet traditional tour of this wonderful place. If you are into the cultural aspect, then take the tour of visiting the Galleries and Museums, you will be surprised at what you can see and find here. Take time to breathe in the sights and sounds of their culture and traditions and maybe speak with the curator, artists, collectors and great scholars whom you would love to meet and finally have the chance to meet them.

Of other interest has to be the famous Black's meal, be it lunch or dinner, our guide will bring you to the different food establishment there is in Harlem and try out the Black's speciality. Be it what you eat, you will bring back memories of soul and resounding spirit of ethnic culture in your heart.

Visit Harlem New York Real Estate which is a Business Directory and is free and an effective way for businesses in the community to attract customers. They will have all of the business listed by the end of the year.

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