Thursday, September 6, 2007

A new house

My good friend had his house renovated and it was a pretty good job i must say in terms of the over all design of the whole house. He had his floor retiled, repainted and new furnitures he has ordered for his newly renovated house. I felt nice when i entered his newly renovated place and i can feel the happiness and gladness of his family since this whole project started and ended on a happy note.

His family was relocated to our church building for a months time, during this whole time, i guess they felt the inconvenience of the whole place as this is not their place of abode. In terms of transportation, they would still have to walk a bit of journey before reaching the train station. However, they had plenty of space to play around since we worship in a home church, the congregation bought a semi-detached house and we were blessed to have this place for our worship services.

Finally, their house was ready to move in again. This friend of mine and his family were very excited to see their new place. I had a opportunity to visit the new place before everyone else. I took a tour of his newly renovated house and i fell in love with his toilet. It was stylishly done and had a shower enclosure built in as well. The Tapswhich was installed in the whole house was minimalist and modern and i must say, they sure have a lot of taste and chic which they must be very proud of coming back to this house to live again!

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