Friday, August 3, 2007

A gospel meeting....

this evening. It was a nice meeting with a few congregations meeting together. Our speaker was from states. He was a "Ang Mo" or a westerner whom spoke good chinese and shame to we whom are not able to even speak good chinese language.

Today, his lesson was on How did Jesus show his love to us - mankind. There were four points that he made.

1) On the sixth day, he created man and women in his likeness. He did not choose the birds in the air, the animals that walk but he chose human kind to be made like him - that was how he showed that he loves us.

2) God let his son to die on the cross for all of us - sinners, not just for his friends, neighbours, family but for everyone - that was how he showed that he loves us. Even on the day of his death on the cross where some question that if he is God, he could save himself from this cross. But he chose the Father's will and completed his wishes. Its not about whether he has the ability to do it, he has walked on water, let the dead come back alive, he has shown so much miracles but yet, people were still stubborn and stiff-necked and wouldn't believe in him. And if he did saved himself from the cross, then the whole world would not be saved at all.

3) He gave us his word - the Bible. The Bible was our light to our way and path. Often the light is the opposite of the darkness and God wants us to follow that light which is the bible and the light to our path so that we can walk according to what God wants us to live our lives. Often, we make our own decision or choices in life and is walking away from the light and into the darkness. The bible is the living word of our Mighty Lord, and if we read it daily and follow according to what he wants us to do, he is going to be happy and his name will be glorified.

I came back really renewed and revived and yearning to go the next day to listen again to what he is gonna teach next.

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