Thursday, August 30, 2007

A close friend of mine...

had her nephews down to our country for a couple of months staying with her. They are both very adorable but kids are kids, they tend to play around and often their Aunt will step in to discipline them together with her room mate whom will also watch the kids when she is not around.

When both of the kids were in church, they seem to be well-behaved, they will run up and greet the visitors with a cheerful "Good Morning" and it brightens up all the church member whom were there to attend service with them. Time flies and soon their Grandpa and Grandma came to pick the boys up and before the boys left this time around, i was trying to get together some souvenirs to let the boys bring back home. I saw this site called Karate was offering authentic ninja uniform made of cloth and complements it with split toe ninja boots and socks and a black wooden ninja sword to make this set. Sizes run from a small child up to 6’5” 250 lbs which will be perfect gifts for the kids as Halloween is around the corner. I know its a big thing in states where kids go treat a treat, knocking on doors to receive candies and sweets. These two boys will love to have for themselves a Halloween Ninja uniform to gear up for the Halloween holidays but i got a feeling that their aunt will not approve this.

Oh well, its just a thought!

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