Saturday, July 14, 2007

The place that i work in...

is still using the old telephone system which is a complete failure to what i think of it. I am a part-time receptionist with this company in which i now work for. This is a country club in its own rights, although it doesn't own its own golf course.

My routine work involves me to be in contact with members booking their tennis courts, mahjong rooms, and handling telephone enquiries. This old phone system is always giving us troubles, sometimes, i am not able to transfer internal calls or transferring to the wrong extensions. At times, the system can get jamming signals which i hate it and how i wish that the company that i work for will get a new telephone system.

With so many PBX products in the market, how does one choose a right one and be able to deliver what it promises. Here at Xpander Communications, they are the leading hosted PBX small business VoIP phone systems in the market, using them will be a breeze for anyone. The benefits VoIP phone systems have to offer the small business world are endless, come on down today and give them a call.

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