Sunday, July 1, 2007

Have you heard of...

Credit Cards application? This website called is a wonderful and helpful site where any consumers before deciding which credit card to apply and which will suit to their lifestyle and needs.

Credit cards are a must for any avid consumers these days. Last weekend in my home town, we were having a grand sale in all our departmental stores which lasted for a month here. Another good reason to have these sale is that our government will be increasing the Goods and Services Taxes from a 5% to a 7% hike. Hence, its a very good time for all consumers to shop before the government raises the GST bar. Credit Card companies are also using this opportunity to throw in special deals, whenever consumers uses their credit card to pay for their purchases. Promotions like WIN not one but six LUXURIOUS escapes every week are what Mastercard is offering during this period of promotions.

Now, isn't it time for you to decide on which credit card to apply?

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