Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My co-worker's son...

was a brilliant young chap. He did his mother proud, when he won the prestigious award in his batch while studying in school. Later on, while working on a full time job, he continued to further his higher education in his related fields. His mother whom was my co-worker seldom see her son these days, because of his busy working schedule and coping with his night time studies. His mother was quite worried for him and often will try to cook his favourite dishes or make some tonics for him to consume which is believed to help anyone whom is tired or feeling fatigue all the time.

Today, i was explaining to my co-worker of how this online mba program goes about. Explaining to her that its pretty easy getting oneself to register themselves online and going about their studies using this online portal. I went on further to explain to her that it is a accredited university, meaning that both employers and students can trust in this university's system of education. The perks which i explained to my friend is that his son will be able to spend more time at home and working online at home to complete his study related projects. My friend's eyes were glowing to hear this and can't wait to tell her son of this wonderful online university.

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