Thursday, June 28, 2007

Have you heard of...

LG Refrigerators ? Of course, that will naturally be your reply! Who hasn't right? I think this is one brand which alot of consumers including myself can trust and rely upon. I've just shifted into my new 5-room flat and have brought along my old refrigerator over to my new place. This fridge that i'm currently using is old and out of trend and doesn't fit into my interior decor at all.

Krillion, this website is the one place where your fingers can do the shopping instead of you running around and hunting down a fridge these days. With the advance of technology, Krillion can do the hunting for you, point you to the right price which you are looking and right to the exact location of the store that is selling that product. Now isn't that a break through in technology?

I'm gonna use Krillion on my next big product purchase..

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