Friday, June 1, 2007

During my Medical Training Course!

Hayfield Dental Care have a team of specialised dentist to treat any type of surgical dental procedures, whether it be crown or root canal procedures which are all part and parcel of their practise in this place called Alexandria where many people have been cured of their dental nightmares.

While i was being picked and trained in the army medical school, i was made to study and read up scores of textbooks related to the medical examinations which i'm supposed to take at the end of my three month course. While doing this course, i did not see any medical orderly trained for assisting the dentist in dental procedures. When i have passed out, i was attached to a medical centre, and in this medical centre, we have a small office meant for the army dentist and his two assistants. Throughout the day, the queue for the dental sector was meagre compared to the sick parade that we do for the medical sector. And, we always admire the dental assistants as they can always be packing to go back home at the end of the day without doing any duties where we are supposed to do.

Oh, well, all these has passed, but i'm just wondering how it would be for me to be a dental assistant at the time when i'm serving my national service, probably, i would have ended up applying for a dental assistant job when i've finished my two year stint in the army.

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