Saturday, May 19, 2007

Disney - My Childhood Bedtime stories!

I usually tuck myself to bed reading one of my favourite Disney character stories, amongst them have to be Snow White and the Seven Drawfs. Its pretty exciting when the evil witch comes with the poison apple and offers it to Snow White Princess and at the end of the day, the prince saves the day.

Now my adventure of Disneyland will come true when i visit Orlando, Florida. I heard from my friends whom resides in the state that its a popular destination amongst tourist and hence i was surfing the net to look for the best deal in town has to offer. Here at Orlando Fund Tickets.Com, you can purchase your Walt Disney World Tickets at a discounted price and the site also guarantees lowest price and has been in this theme park industry for many years.

The site boasts many different type of discounted tickets to Disneyland, tickets like Magic Your Way Base Tickets, Hopper Tickets and more allows you to have a option of going to one theme park in a day in Disneyland or multiple entries to different theme parks in a day. As for me, i'm gonna choose the Magic Your Way Water Park and more which allows me to visit all the theme parks in Disneyland and plus entry to the other gated attractions at Walt Disney World.

As Walt Disney World's slogan says "Where Dreams Come True", this indeed will be my dream come true.

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