Friday, May 4, 2007

Answer the question and i'll give you love link back!!

My dear friend, showintale has given me a game riddle to play with and hopefully to get some love links back and getting this kind of conversation rolling around the blog sphere.

The Plot:
What I am doing is taking questions from Gregory Stock’s The Book of Questions (1985) and posting my answers to those question. I’ll then tag a few other bloggers to post their answers, with a link back to my original post. They will then tag a few other bloggers to answer the question, include links back, and so on.

I’ll start with this question:

For a person you loved deeply, would you be willing to move to a distant country knowing there would be little chance of seeing your friends or family again?

My answer:

Firstly, the Asian Culture and the eldest son in my family, that i live in does not allow me to have such wishful thinking. As a elder son in my family, i have upon myself certain task to take care of my parents when they get old. Although, i have a brother and a sister to share this burden, ultimately, this burden will still fall on my lap.

We call this filial piety and there is a saying in our culture that says that "When you drink from the fountain of water, remember its source". I've seen how my parents took care of their parents when they got old and eventually died, so its my turn to show filial piety to my aged parents. My parents are Buddhist followers and every year, rain or sun, they will go and clean the tombstone which is a tradition in the Asian cultures here. They will burn incense and paper money to the after dead and requesting that they protect their decendants still living in this world. As for me, i told my parents, that i will not do that, but will be a filial son to them and take care of them rather than be a filial son to them when they are gone.

Secondly, not easy to find love these days, especially someone whom you'll so love deeply and in another part of the world other than in my place where i live. I've kinda of felt that i will be living a single life in this life of mine and am quite happy with it.

With the many divorce cases on the rise, the future is unpredictable. I'm worried that i'll not be able to keep up with married life or commitments that come with it that i'll simply quit this contract that i've signed, "be it dead or alive, thru' sickness and poverty, riches and so forth"..

But you'll never know when love will come around, much have said about the single life that i've had. At times, i do yearn for a married life, have a partner and companion throughout the days of my life, have a bunch of children to care for...I'll leave that to GOD....

Now end of my ramblings...I'm gonna tag the following bloggers to this challenge and let them tag others and so forth..

~ familyfunandfaith
~ silken
~ lillieammann

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hifidel said...

That's a good answer, ValkrieANGEL. I kind of thought you might say something like that.

Thanks for playing along -- it can be fun when we have a lot of responses posted!

spinayarn said...

am I to answer this same question on my blog? Do I post another question at the end?

I liked your answer, but mine will be different.

Lillie Ammann said...

Thank you for tagging me. I enjoyed reading your post, and the tag sounds like fun. However, I have decided that I will participate in these kinds of activities only when the topic fits the goals of my blog. While this one is interesting and fun, it doesn't fit with what I'm trying to accomplish. I explained this in a post on my blog about the goals meme. I hope you gets lots of responses, and I'll keep checking your blog.

Valkrie ANGEL said...

Hi lillie,

Thanks, appreciate that...


silken said...

all right, dime, I finally got mine done! You can see it here .