Thursday, May 10, 2007

All about Prayer - C for Communion (Part 44)

"In all real prayer there are two persons interacting with each : God and the finite mind. The individual is meeting the conditions for finding God, and God is finding the opportunity to enter into a kind of relationship with the individual otherwise not possible. For in prayer at its best both God and man meet, both to foster the creation of new values in and through each other and to enjoy mutual fellowship for is own sake."
By Peter A. Bertocci

Its not easy, i'm still trying to create and enjoy that mutual fellowship...

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1 comment:

Sire said...

It is indeed difficult and I feel it is all to do with faith. Many have belief but I think that it is true faith in that belief that really counts.

It is easy to say "I believe". It is harder to truly belive it. That is faith.

I hope that made sense, it is past midnight and I have had a long hard day. :)