Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A review on a Christian Web Hosting Site

I will like to do a review on Christian Web Trends Blog , this is a review contest requested by dipnoi to do a review from his sub-titles of "Christian Technology Blogs". Well, by doing this right, i could get a link back from dipnoi and do my part in promoting technology to all other Christians who needs this source of information.

The reason behind why i would like to do this review is that i could showcase this piece of christian information about prayers which i'm trying to build thru' this blog of mine and hopefully, this comment from various commentors will teach its reader about prayers which is so important to a christian life especially with his daily walk with GOD.

Without further delays, lets get on with business. From the moment, i clicked on the button on the title of Christian Technology Blogs, Christian Web Trends Blog from dipnoi's blog, it brought me straight into its eye catching red coloured web hosting site. I was really quite amazed on how user friendly the whole web site has given me and particularly fond of the idea of hosting a forum site in my Blog Domain too. I've read thru' Forums Month , which in evidently teaches you how to host a forum discussion within my blog and share information with like minded webmasters on how to go about doing it and questions that might unfold during this process of opening up a forum within my blog. I doubt, i would be successful in opening up my own forum as i'm not that IT savvy and hence this is the best place, to enjoy my discussions in their forum with their pool of expertise and knowledge.

Under the title of HEALING FORUMS, sub-sections of individual forums can be found, discussion themes like eating, healing, sexuality, leadership are one of those popular forums which i would love to dip my feet in and start discussing. Popular among the discussion themes are healing and sexuality, which to me should be a piece of cake and while on that, i could share my inner thoughts and feelings on subjects which are close to my heart and well, in line and check with my christian beliefs too. At times, these discussion topics can be very intimidating, and from my perspective which i hope that it is, that all those should be christian followers, and that GOD will be guiding our hearts, soul and mind, especially when such sensitive topics are being discussed throughout the whole wide world and especially in this website domain where countless individuals can be and will be accessing into. Hence, this will be a good forum place to be discussing within as it helps us to think along the line of what GOD wants us to be and challenging us in this real life society that we live in.

The next item on my list has to be the never ending question, which christian parents will be asking themselves. How reliable and safe is this website which i'm now reviewing. Take heed all christian parents out there, this web hosting site at Our is reliable and safe, as it is operated by a Christian web site hosting company and thus providing reliable, family friendly sites safe from offensive ads since 1996. Apart from that, you can seeing testimonials from different users whom has used their hosting sites. With so many distractions out there, no wonder, parents have to ensure that safe and reliable web hosting sites exists and ready for their children to enjoy using.

So come on down and let your child's imagination go wild within Our Church.Com's web hosting site.

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pdstein said...

Thanks for your review. Just to clarify, the Healing Forums are not owned or operated by OurChurch.Com. They are operated by one of the ministries we host.

Forums month is our effort to raise awareness about forums, both how to start and manage your own forums and how to make use of other site's forums. As a part of that effort we're featuring sites hosted at OCC that have their own forum on the Forums Month page.

Paul Steinbrueck

Valkrie ANGEL said...

Thanks for the clarification.