Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Recommended by a close fren of mine and he gave me this book to read - RICH DAD POOR DAD BY ROBERT T. KIYOSAKI. This fren of mine is a crazy fan of his and attends his seminar if he happens to be in town. Basically the author has two man in his life, which has taught him many things in life on the term "MONEY". The Poor Dad has a good schooling and results but is conservative and never does anything monetary ventures out however the Rich Dad uses his money to work for him. I luv this lesson in chapter 7, where he teaches this author to "Work to Learn - Don't Work for Money". However, its so difficult in our nowadays context to do that, where Money is first and everything is last. Not only does it apply here, but look at son and father situation, they even go to court to settle money disputes. There even has this saying - Money can make the ghost retreat. But there are some valuable lesson to be glean from here. Next, thing on the chart will be your Income, expenses, Asset and Liability. Author uses these 4 simple truths to teach you on how to be money wise in this corporate world. Ever in a dilemma of owing a bigger & more luxurious house, look at what the author has to say about this dogma. At the end of the day, have lots of ASSET and that's how the rich gets richer.....

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