Thursday, February 22, 2007

Angels & Demons

I would like to recommend this book to anyone whom is a fan of Dan Brown. This novel is a "prequel" to The Da Vinci Code. The character Robert Langdon, a symbologist is engaged a frantic chase to this so called "Antimatter" borrowed from the words of the author [is the most powerful energy source, highly unstable..It ignites when it comes in contact with absolutely anything..even air] that was stolen from the world's largest scientific research facility. Join by the most beautiful and mysterious scientist Ms Vittoria Vetra, both will have to unveil the whereabouts of this antimatter that was hidden in Vatican City. Robert Langdon again saves the day as the plot unveils itself. Every page you turn intensifies and grips you by its side till you'll want to finish it up in one gulp. But patience will be needed to admire and indulge in its complexity.

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Sun Singer said...

I've read all of Dan Brown's books and found this one to be an interesting novel. I read it after reading the "Da Vinci Code." Nice post!


Valkrie ANGEL said...

SS, thanks for dropping by and leaving me your comments..